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A Song of Ourselves

Playwright, teacher, performer, and folkie. 

Matt Doherty


Story practices for the digital age.

To be seen and heard is one of the most profound and basic needs we all share.  To be human is to be a story. 

A Workshop Series

Every week, we engage in free-writing exercises as a group to tap into our primal voice, then isolate story muscles to strengthen our understanding of the mechanics of narrative action through practice.

The emphasis will be on doing, rather than talking or explaining.  Think of this as Writing PT, or a writing gym — a way to recover, stretch, strengthen, expand, and heal.

Matt Doherty Script

It is my experience that by engaging in foundational exercises on a regular basis, writers better prepare themselves to tackle the stories they want to tell — no matter their experience level or chosen craft.


By stepping away from the story and freeing the voice, we can identify, isolate, and develop the muscles needed to sustain the heart-songs we wish to sing.

The only requirement... to bring a pen!


Currently, the write-ins meets on SUNDAY at 2.00 PM PST. 
Tuition is a suggested donation of $40.00 per write-in.

Ready to Write-In?

Thank you! We'll be in touch with the next steps, class links, and more!

One to One Consultations

Interested in one-on-one story consults? In addition to the write ins and monthly pop-up story seminars, I engage with writers individually to develop their own long form narrative goals by using a unique set of tools forged from decades of experience in play and feature development.

Tree Background

Matt Doherty is my writing coach.  He is a man with unquenchable excitement and passion for writing.  His knack for conveying his life time knowledge and understanding of writing to me has been invaluable.  My writing has taken off.  Listen and take in what he considers important.   Because it is.   A special and unexpected bonus that comes with his lessons is  my life is transforming quickly and to the better.  Never saw that coming. You make my day coach!
Robert F

Matt is a brilliant writer and excellent instructor. His approach is unique, intuitive and inspirational. He has a wealth of knowledge and the tools he shares are very useful and helpful to writing and the creative process.
Josh M

Matt Doherty's Zoom Write Ins are the shadow side of my daily writing discipline. They inform that daily work in psychic, spiritual, and mysterious ways.


A Little more about me and what to expect.

Write in — find your truth — and write out!


Matt Doherty

Matt is an Academy Nicholl Semi-finalist, AFF second-rounder, Big Break Final Draft Quarter-finalist, Woodward Newman Finalist and accomplished playwright, songwriter, veteran of stage, screen, and beyond. But beyond that, he is  an experienced practitioner of cognitive narrative discovery as a tool to awaken dramatic imagination within writers to help them access more of their voice to be in service to whatever stories they want to tell. 


Many years ago, an old flame bought him a used copy of Goldberg's "Writing Down The Bones." Years later, he has led thousands of hours of these workshops in as varied places as residential treatment facilities and recently zoom.  Recently, he has expanded the group sessions to also leave time in his busy schedule for individual consults. 

Write On

Writing on Writing 4 Writers by Matt Doherty

A bit the old school meeting the new. My substack newsletter covers what I’ve learned, often the hard way, from a decade of facilitating writing groups and making a tentative peace with the tenants of structure. Now, all I gots to do is get this type set and printing press to work! In the meantime? Consider subscribing! Click the link below to read on.


“Let the Muse know you are listening and can be trusted."
As close to a statement of belief about the practice of writing as I can think of.

— Matt

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